Intsomi, Intombi kaMangangezulu, part 8, a continuation of 3S-399, 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, and 405

  • February 2, 1976
  • Performer: Nongenile Masithathu Zenani, a Gcaleka woman
  • Place: Egadini, then edongeni (wind, cold), 10 am (to about 6:30 pm)
  • Audience: Varies
  • Notes: Six and one-half hours; total now fifty hours. Brief breaks at 184, 344 (tea), 434 (edongeni), 750. Dgt 43, kwezi ndawo, refers to teeth at each side of her mouth; dgt 182, ngaka, left hand three feet from the ground; dgt 204, palm of left hand brought across eyes and forehead; dgts 206-207, right forefinger to right temple (twice); dgt 258, right hand pours into vessel made of left hand, she drinks; dgt 308, grasps right thigh; dgt 315, whu-u-u! hands into the air, over her head; dgts 330-331, uses left forefinger to illustrate; dgt 344, sithi, hits right hand on ground; dgt 458, eats; dgt 485, benjenje, hands together (as in prayer); dgt 498, right hand open, upright, on top of head; dgt 571, singaka, fingers about two and one-half feet apart; dgts 576-577, kwezi ndawo, wrists; dgt 665, athi, right hand as if telling someone not to do something; dgts 699-700, right hand moves about rapidly; dgt 743, ngaka, forefinger and index finger of right hand together, trace a bracelet around left upper arm; dgt 787, zingakanana, right hand, tip of forefinger; dgt 984, ingaka, hand three feet from the ground; [dgt 820 and thereabouts: Masithathu is worried about the noise her stomach is making, fears it will interfere with her audience's appreciation of her story]; dgt 992, apha, wrists and lower arms
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Scheub, Harold
February 2, 1976
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