DARE Interview : Grove City, Florida; Primary Informant FL046

  • 1966
  • Informant Data:
  • FL046: White; male; age: 72 (old); education: some schooling; community type: village
  • Media File:
  • Full Interview (Tape 0280-S1). [Additional speakers: Adult male (friend of Informant)]
  • Content:
  • 00:25 Uncle had chart to find buried treasure, found spot but too hard to dig under a creek
  • 04:55 Informant's older brother and a contractor went to try and find gold, but split over a disagreement before they could get it. Still haven't dug it up
  • 08:45 Talks about homestead of an old moonshiner. Liquor made from cane skimmings
  • 12:30 Towed a bootlegger with a flooded engine into harbor, paid in beer and cane liquor
  • 15:50 Old burned hotel, early settlers of area
  • 18:35 Good fishing, but won't eat crab. Was cross-eyed as a boy because log house collapsed on his family in a storm
  • 23:05 Family lived in Citrus County until his father died, and then in Tampa
  • 26:15 Tape end
  1. Full interview


Porter, Ruth
  • 1966
  • Dictionary of American Regional English
  • English
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