inatio)! are published inl this See tiol. DOC Unme n tS
that merely report the calling of town meetings
or election results without vote totals are placed
in the microfiche supplement. Of the 133 towns
(out of 307 eligible towns) represented in this vol-
ume, eight voted not to send delegates to the Con -
vention. The town of Dalton protested its ineli
gibility to send a delegate as a violation of its
inhabitants' natural rights. The elections in Great
Barrington, Sheffield and Mount Washington,
Taunton, and Williamstown were disputed, with
disgruntled voters submitting rltnstlances anid
memorials to the Convention.
Although many towns voted to appoinitcm
mittees to draft instructions for their delegates.
most town records do not indicate the nature of
these instructions. Forty-five towns in this volumc
instructed their delegates to vote against ratifica-
tion, three to vote for ratification, and seven to
vote according to their best judgments. Full texts
of instructions exist for eleven towns, two-thirds
of them complaining that the Constitution's lack
of a bill of rights endangered liberties and one-
third authorizing their delegates to determine for
themselves how to vote. Some delegates in-
structed to vote against ratification eventualhN
voted to ratify. A few, such as Lancaster's Johil
Sprague, obtained their towns' permission to al-
ter their votes; others, who became convinced
that the Constitution posed no legitimate threat
to liberties, changed their votes on their own vo
This volume sets the stage for the assembling,
and deliberations of the Massachusetts Conven-
tion. Without the Bay State's ratification, the Con
stitution probably would     '-
iN thet 1eqni red 1611c ;t I"
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