Madison, WI: Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies, University of Wisconsin--Madison
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  4. Forward
  5. Contributors
  6. Introduction / Helbich, Wolfgang; Kamphoefner, Walter D.
  7. Part I: Religious diversity
  8. 1. Immigrants and the church: German Americans in comparative perspective / Doerries, Reinhard R.
  9. 2. Community versus separation: a northwest German emigrant settlement region in nineteenth-century Ohio / Höndgen, Anne [Aengenvoort]
  10. 3. The dialectics of ethnic identity: German Jews in Chicago, 1850-1870 / Brinkmann, Tobias
  11. 4. Immigrant religion and the public sphere: the German Catholic milieu in America / Conzen, Kathleen Neils
  12. Part II: Agricultural patterns, rural society, and ethnic identity
  13. 5. Prescriptions and perceptions of labor and family among ethnic group in the nineteenth-century American Middle West / Gjerde, Jon
  14. 6. German-origin settlement and agricultural land use in the twentieth-century Great Plains / Gutman, Myron; Pullum-Pinon, Sara; Baker, Susan Gonzalez; Burke, Ingrid
  15. Part III: Politics and ethnic identity
  16. 7. German and Irish political engagement: the politics of cultural diversity in an industrial age / DeBats, Donald
  17. 8. German and Irish big city mayors: comparative perspective on ethnic politics / Kamphoefner, Walter D.
  18. 9. Ethnic politicians in Congress: German-American congressmen between ethnic group and national government circa 1880 / Adams, Willi Paul
  19. 10. The political and pedagogical in bilingual education: yesterday and today / Fessler, Paul
  20. Part IV: War and national identity
  21. 11. German-born Union soldiers: motivation, ethnicity, and "Americanization" / Helbich, Wolfgang
  22. 12. Reviving ethnic identity: Foreign Office, Reichswehr, and German Americans during Weimar Republic / Wala, Michael
  23. Index
  24. [Cover]