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Visual display of the Choctaw (Gunboat, 1863)

Choctaw (Gunboat, 1863)

  • BOAT TYPE: Gunboat
  • BUILT: in Cincinnati
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Out of commission on July 22, 1865; sold at New Orleans on March 28, 1866
  • OWNERS: U.S. Navy
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Lieut. Commander F.M. Ramsey
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Yazoo River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Civil War gunboat rebuilt from the Nebraska. She was designed by Lt. Wm. Porter, U.S. Navy. Her sidewheel was located far aft which gave her good maneuverability in narrow waters. She was called a ram but her slow speed made her useless for ramming. Her exposed sidewheel was highly vulnerable to enemy ramming. Her armor was a half inch of iron over one inch of India rubber. The rubber rotted and the rot spread to the wooden backing. She had multiple casements. The Choctaw led other gunboats in the attack upon Hayne's Bluff on the Yazoo River on April 30, 1863. This was her first engagement and she was hit 46 times
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: At Vicksburg, Mississippi after the surrender. The packet Ida May can be seen on the opposite shore
  • Choctaw (A)

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Ida May (Packet)
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Neg. 7319
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