• 1790-1832
  • Attributed to the William Dennis pottery. The front of the dish is coated with a reddish-orange engobe and decorated with yellow and black slip. The black slip migrated in several places, a detail that appears consistent on pottery from the William Dennis site. The back of the dish has a fair amount of glaze residue and clay waste from incomplete fettling of the bottom. York, Pennsylvania antique dealer Joe Kindig, Jr. purchased this dish prior to 1951, when he provided Arthur W. Clement with a photograph of it for the latter’s article “Ceramics of the South,” Antiques 137, no. 2 (February 1951): 136-37.

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Attributed name
William Dennis pottery
Description of Original
Lead-glazed earthenware, Diam. 13 1/4 in
Location of Original
Ker Feal, The Barnes Foundation
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