104            Owen's Janesville City Directory. 
Ott Ehhael A., harnms mnar. and dealer, 67 N Main, r sun. 
Owne U4wanl, (Edward Owen & Co.,) bd. William House. 
Owe Rdward & Go., (Edward F. Owen and George . ltcher,) pub- 
ihem of Gaetteers, Directories and Statistical Works, Janesille. 
Peckham Riohard, drayman, r 64 8 Academy. 
Palmer A.. druggist, 81 W Milwaukee r 15 S Academy. 
Palmer C. A., machinist, r 4 Terrace. 
Palmer    harls R., dealer in pure drugs, medicines, perfumery, ladie' 
toilet articles, also cigar@ and tobacco, Myers House, corner Main and 
Milwaukee, r oor Center and Locust. 
Palmer Charlie, clerk, bdu 82 Pleasant. 
Palmer Mrs. 0. A., wid., r 60 Cherry. 
Palmer Charles, salesman, bds 55 Pleasant. 
Palmer Frank W., farmer, r 80 Cherry. 
Palmer H    r, physician and surgeon, office Smith's blk, r 22 Madison. 
Palmer H. W., warehousemman, r 88 Chatham. 
Palmer Milo, teamster, r 1 Ravine. 
Palmer Robort M., clerk, r oor Academy and Pleasant. 
Palmer W. H., r 40 Chatham. 
Palmer W. E., moulder, 41 Chatham. 
Palmerter N. C., shoemaker, r 44 N Bluff. 
Palmerston William, carpenter, r 48 Milton Av. 
Parker Mrs. A. C., wid., r 47 8 Jackson. 
Parker A. W., constable, r 89 E Milwaukee. 
Parker A. W., groom, bds 89 E Milwaukee. 
Parker C. E., clerk, bds Myers House. 
Parker 0. T., r 42 8 Main. 
Parker Francis D., mason, r e end of 8 Main. 
Parker Frank, cigar box mufr., bde 48 8 Franklin. 
Parker George, telegraph student, bds - West Milwaukee. 
Parker Isan, farmer, r 18 Pearl 
Parker J. H, bricklayer, r 27 Lincoln. 
Parker . S., alsman, r 40 Ann. 
Parker L C., sup't shoe hotory, r 49 8 Main. 
Business Correspondenoe & Oom'I Law at Janesv. College.