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State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor

Anthony S. Earl
                                                            July, 1985

         Form follows function: that is what modern architects say, and it
       is also true of state government in Wisconsin. If the ideals of good
       government have approached perfection in our state - a state of
       pioneering legislation and scrupulously clean public administration
       - it is, in part, because we have adopted a form of governing which
       has lent itself to progressive ideas.
         In this Blue Book, Dr. H. Rupert Theobald, chief of the Wisconsin
       State Legislative Reference Bureau, offers us a comprehensive guide
       to the rules and procedures of governing which have helped to make
       Wisconsin the forward-looking state that it is. One could not ask
       a steadier or more helpful guide than Dr. Theobald, and his essay
       may be considered a classic of its kind.
         But it is also timely. Wisconsin now faces a crucial period of
       change. Its competition and opportunities have become global. The
       pressures on the state to excel in education and expand in opportu-
       nity have never been more compelling. Wisconsin must change to-
       day to meet the challenge of tomorrow.
         My administration has restored Wisconsin's solvency, improved
       the tax climate and challenged "business as usual" in a
host of ways.
       It has also respected the dignity of the individual, fought poverty
       discrimination, rewritten the economic rules of the health care indus-
       try and crafted the most far-reaching reform of the personal income
       tax since its inception here in 1911.
         We have known the rules of government, and the rules have made
       us free to do the right and timely thing for Wisconsin. I hope all
       read this Blue Book will come away with a clear sense of how form,
       function and freedom interact for the betterment of all our people.

                                     Anthony S. Earl
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7863
Madison, Wl 53707-7863