The Legacy

  In this space last December I wrote that I never knew
Harry Nohr. Now, although the past tense is still a fresh,
sharp pain, I can say I knew Elizabeth McCoy.
  Regrettably, I did not know her long nor well. But our
year's association at the Academy gave me a chance to see
glimpses of a remarkable woman.
  I'll never forget how astounded I was when I dis-
covered early that this brilliant scientist, with a lifetime of
distinctive achievements already behind her, was a shy
person. She wasted no time in self-aggrandizement. It
discomfited her when the staff wanted to celebrate what
proved to be her last birthday with a big cake and a little
  I had a cup of tea with her once and listened, amazed,
as she talked knowledgeably about the selection and
processing of tea leaves. She answered far more questions
than I knew to ask. We shared custody of the student in-
terns from the UW Journalism School and I noted that
her attitude toward them was one of profound generosity
of time and self. I suspect that all her life, the young
people she taught and then sent out into the world
prepared were among her greatest satisfactions.
  Yes, I knew Elizabeth McCoy. And am the richer for it.
                                        -Elizabeth Durbin


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