Visual display of the Is it what you think?

Is it what you think?

  • Quote from artist Rumanna Hussain:
  • Where does she belong? Is she behind a veil? Have you defined her? Have you pushed her? Do social conditions alter her behavior? Does she have breasts? Or has she had a Mastectomy? Does she have kinky sex? Does she cover her body and wear transparent clothes have you defined her? Has she fought battles? Have they been forgotten? Has she joined a revolution? Has she fought for her rights? How do you interpret that? Is this love song? Did she fight the colonizers? Did she die for it? Or does she sit behind her veil? Is she educated? Or did you deprive her of that description? Did her father permit her? Does she live behind closed doors? Dose she clean, sweep and cook for her family? Does that sound familiar? Is she like you? Can you imagine that? Have you slotted her? Is she the other? Does she have any options? Are her beliefs an escape? Or a security? Or a habit? Or a choice? Do you find her mysterious? Do you want her to crack the secret? Do sounds have any association? Do you connect them with her? Does she read the red book? Are your associations a fantasy? What language does she speak? Has she heard your descriptions of her? Has it made her insecure? Is she you? Would you accept that? Have you forced her into a corner? Is that why she opposes you? Or has she retreated her shell? Have you defined her? Slotted her? Where can she go? Does she resort to her faith? What are her options? Have you identified her? Has she a lover? Do his fingers touch her body? Does she force them u?? Is she ecstatic? Do you believe her? Does she believe you? Does she have soft breast? Or has she had a Mastectomy? Has she been mutilated? Can she bare the pain? Are your words like scissors?
  • Does she laugh? Does she feel threatened? Is she afraid of ethnic cleansing? Does and war? Do you think she has radical views? Do you think she can articulate them? Is she the other? Do you pity her? Is that your construct? Is it a predicament?
  • Publisher contact information: Olakh. 8 A Nivrutti colony. Opp. Vadodara Jilla Taleem Bhavan. Aryakanya Vidyalay Road. Karelibag, Vadodara-390 018.