Visual display of the City of St. Joseph (Packet, 1901-1916)

City of St. Joseph (Packet, 1901-1916)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet
  • BUILT: St. Joseph, Missouri 1901
  • BECAME: Eclipse
  • OWNERS: Captain A. Stewart; Planters Packet Company; Lee Line
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Captain A. Stewart (master); F. W. Turner (clerk); R. J. Stewart (pilot); Perrin Kay (chief engineer); Floyd Morgan (engineer, 1911)
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Missouri River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 1129; Built at St. Joseph, Missouri in 1901 by Captain A. Stewart of St. Joseph for Missouri River service. She came out with Captain A. Stewart in command, and with F. W. Turner, clerk, R. J. Stewart, pilot, and Perrin Kay, chief engineer. She made trips to the World's Fair at St. Louis in 1904. She was sold to Planters Packet Company, Memphis, and was last owned by the Lee Line, Memphis. She collapsed a flue in June 1911, killing 18 deck crew and injuring engineer Floyd Morgan. She was caught out high and dry at Luna Landing, Arkansas in March 1916 and remained there some time. That November the Lee Line changed her name to Eclipse
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: At Memphis, Tennessee; left to right: sidewheel packet Louisiana, sternwheel ferry Charles H. Organ, sternwheel packet City of St. Joseph
  • City of St. Joseph (A)


Other titles
  • Louisiana (Packet)
  • Charles H. Organ (Ferry)
Local identifier
  • Neg. 11482
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