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Visual display of the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

  • 1910
Cincinnati and New York: The Strobridge Lithographic Company
  • Across the top reads "Klaw and Erlanger's production" followed by the title in larger letters. Below the title and on the right side is "By Kate Douglas Wiggins and Charlotte Thompson." The image depicts Rebecca standing in stable where Mr. Aladdin tousles her hair. A man and a woman stand in the background holding hands and standing over a crib containing an infant. The bottom caption reads: "Oh, Mr. Aladdin, didn't it turn out beautifully?"
  • The poster probably shows Ralph Kellard, as Mr. Ladd/Aladdin. Associated with the Theatre Republic, New York.

Publication Details

Other title
Set B
Cincinnati and New York: The Strobridge Lithographic Company
Description of Original
Color lithograph, 50 cm by 72.5 cm
Local identifier
WHS Image ID 89856
Location of Original
Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Researchs : 3.1.0003B
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