Visual display of the A Blue Hmong (Hmong Njua) family in Houa Khong Province

A Blue Hmong (Hmong Njua) family in Houa Khong Province

  • December 28, 1972
  • A Blue Hmong (Hmong Njua) family of four pose in front of a thatched roof house in the village of Houei Nok Keng in the vicinity of Dan Thine (PC 5830) in Houa Khong Province. The father and his wife stand to the left of their two daughters. The family wears traditional Blue Hmong dress, which for the females is a pleated skirt with a long apon hanging over it in front, along with leggings. The villagers of Houei Nok Keng are refugees from Muang Sai, Luang Prabang Province. Note the traditional Blue Hmong hairstyle of the three women. All four family members are wearing silver neck rings.


Bowman, James
  • December 28, 1972
Description of Original
  • Color photograph
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  • Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts : MSS-281 8.6.54
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