1. [Cover]
  2. [Title page] Foreign relations of the United States, 1948: volume VIII. The Far East: China
  3. Preface
  4. Contents
  5. United States military assistance to China
  6. Status of United States naval and marine forces at Tsingtao; question as to withdrawal
  7. Efforts leading to release of United States marines captured by Chinese communists
  8. Opposition by the United States to proposals for an international police force for Shanghai during transition period
  9. Financial relations between the United States and China: interest of the United States in Chinese efforts to maintain financial stability; representations regarding fixing of an equitable rate of exchange for expenditures by American armed forces and diplomatic establishment in China
  10. United States economic aid to China
  11. Negotiations with China regarding final settlement of war accounts
  12. Problems arising from the implementation of the surplus property agreement of August 30, 1946
  13. Representations regarding the re-registration of American real property rights in China
  14. Representations by American Embassy regarding Chinese censorship of American motion pictures
  15. Negotiations between the United States and China respecting joint efforts in the exploration of China for minerals of importance in the atomic energy programs of the two goverments
  16. Negotiations concerning United States Senate reservation to treaty of friendship, commerce, and navigation signed November 4, 1946, and regarding exchange of interpretative notes
  17. Negotiations respecting revision of the air transport agreement of December 20, 1946
  18. Consideration of sending to China a technical civil aviation mission to assist the Chinese government
  19. Evacuation of Americans from China
  20. Negotiations respecting evacuation of certain refugee groups from Shanghai through the International Refugee Organization
  21. Index
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