Visual display of the Rezistal (Towboat, 1938-1949)

Rezistal (Towboat, 1938-1949)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Towboat
  • BUILT: 1882 at Brownsville, Pennsylvania
  • FORMERLY: Charlie Clarke; Atha
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Struck by lightning and burned while moored at Crucible, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1949
  • OWNERS: Crucible Steel Company of America
  • RIVERS: Monongahela River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - T2155; Was renamed Rezistal after a rebuilding program in 1938. She towed coal from the Monongahela River to Midland, Pennsylvania. She was retired at Crucible, Pennsylvania around 1948 and burned there in 1949
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The pulls between the pilot house and the engine room after being dismantled
  • Rezistal (A)


Local identifier
  • Neg. 42108
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