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Visual display of the Woman suffrage stamps

Woman suffrage stamps

  • Three sets of stamps commemorating women's suffrage and the social progress of women. On the right, two pink three-cent stamps feature a portrait of Susan B. Anthony above the text, "suffrage for women." Three-cent stamps were introduced in 1932 and were produced until 1958. In the center, four blue six-cent stamps show suffragettes campaigning with a car on the left side, while a woman works at a telephone switchboard on the right side. The text reads, "Woman suffrage 50th anniversary, 1920-1970." On the left, four purple four-cent stamps feature an illustration of a mother and daughter over an open book in the center, under the banner that reads, "The American woman." The image is surrounded by smaller pictures: the U.S. Capitol building with the caption, "civic affairs," books with the caption, "education," and medical and arts symbols with the caption "arts & industry."
  • From the private collection of Dovie Horvitz (2010.27.3a,b).