Punch bowl

  • 1740
  • Decoration: Painted. Interior bears owl at center and rim inscription "SINCE DRINKING HAS POWER, TO GIVE US RELIEF. COME FILL UP THE BOWL, & A POX ON ALL GRIEF. IF THAT WON'T DO, WE'LL HAVE SUCH ANOTHER. & SO WE'LL PROCEED, FROM ONE BOWL TO [THE] OTHER:." Exterior bears perched and flying peacocks or phoenixes and an insect amid flowering plants. Border composed of trelliswork band and horizontal lines. Bottom inscribed "WKA/1740" within concentric circles.
  • Place of origin: London

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Description of Original
Delftware, H.: 6 3/8" (16.2 cm); Diam.: 12 1/4" (31.1 cm)
Beverage wares
Location of Original
Longridge Collection : D312
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