Visual display of the יעקאַטערינאסלאַווער בולגאַר

יעקאַטערינאסלאַווער בולגאַר Yekaterinslaver bulgar

  • May 1921
New York: OKeh
  • "Jewish-band."
  • "Kandel's Jewish Orchestra."
  • Recorded May 1921 in New York.
  • Take number: 1.
  • Digital preservation master recorded from source recording.
  • Titles from disc labels of original 78 rpm recording.

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Other titles
יעקאַטערינאָסלאַווער באָלגאַר
Yekaterinoslaver bolgar
Dnipropetrovsk bulgar
Yekaterinoslav bulgar
Kandel's Jewish Orchestra
May 1921
New York: OKeh
No linguistic content
Description of Original
1 side of 1 sound disc : analog, 78 rpm, mono ; 10 in.
Content Type
Sound recordings
Issue no.
OKeh 14020
Location of Original
University of Wisconsin–Madison.‏ Libraries.‏ ‎Mills Music Library‏ : Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings, Box 10-15
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