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A 4.,S 
Engine ering Societies Building, 29 West 39th Street                 NARECO.
Washington, D. C. 
Established in 1916 by the National Academy of Sciences under its Congressional

Charter and organized with the cooperation of the National Scientific 
and Technical Societies of the United States 
August 12, 1940 
Prof. Aldo Leopold 
University of Wisconsin 
Madison, Wisconsin 
My dear Leopold: 
I have read with great interest from time to time mimeographed 
notes of your department which you have been good enough to send me. One

this spring which was entitlei. "Exit Orchis" touched me in particular.
very much hope that publication of your notes w+  save&the situation
I did not have leisure at the time to write you about it. It appears to 
me that possibly the National Research Council's Committee on the Ecology

of Grasslands consisting of: 
Paul B. Sears, Chairman                    B. C. Tharp 
Oberlin College                            University of Texas 
Oberlin, Ohio                              Austin, Texas 
J. H. Bodine                               C. T. Vorhies 
State University of Iowa                  University of Arizona 
Iowa City, Iowa                            Tucson, Arizona 
Herbert C. Hanson                          J. E. weaver 
Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation   University of Nebraska 
Palmer, Alaska                             Lincoln, Nebraska 
K. M. King                                 A. 0. Weese 
Entomology Laboratory                      University of Oklahoma 
University of Saskatchewan                Norman, Oklahoma 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Chairman of the Division, 
V. E. Shelford                                    ex officio 
University of Illinois 
Urbana, Illinois 
and the Committee on the Preservation of Natural Conditions consisting of:

H. E. Anthony, Chairman                    Charles C. Adams 
American Museum of Natural History        New York State Museum 
New York City                              Albany, New York 
Henry I. Baldwin                           R. E. Coker 
New Hampshire Forestry and Recreation Dept. University of North Carolina

Hillsboro, New Hampshire                   Chapel Hill, North Carolina