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Directions and Operating 
Instructions for X-Ray 
Egg Candler 
After removing from 
carton, screw wood- 
en  handle securely 
on threaded bolt, and 
connect plug to cur- 
rent. Candler is for 
110 voltage (but can 
supply for 32V   or 
220V upon request). 
Candler is provided 
with automatic 
switch in socket for 
turning  current on 
and off, without dis- 
connecting from the 
Simply move Candler over top of eggs in tray. Large end of 
egg should be pointed toward Candler. The spotlight on the 
air cell of the egg illuminates the entire contents. As the germ 
always rises to the top, it is in plain view. Dead and weak 
germs, blood spots, cracked shell and clear eggs are detected 
instantly. Candler will not injure germ upon being held in close 
contact with egg. If egg tray will not permit removal of un- 
desirable eggs while testing, they may be marked and later 
removed or replaced, thereby keeping rows intact. With an 
X-Ray Egg Candler, a dark room is not necessary for testing. 
With the X-Ray Egg Candler, it is possible to candle 75 to 100 
eggs or more, per minute. 
To obtain most satisfactory Candling results, allow all eggs to 
.emain in incubator, undisturbed, for 83 hours. Then after being 
candled, they should be turned regularly. White eggs can be 
candled with accuracy after 72 hours. It is not necessary to 
turn eggs until they have been set at least four days. Infertile 
eggs candled on the third or fourth day will still have a market 
value. A bad egg throwing off a disagreeable odor can be located 
instantly with Candler, and removed at any time. 
With the X-Ray Candler, hundreds of eggs can he candled in a 
very few moments, thereby eliminating danger of the eggs being 
chilled before they are replaced in incubator.