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S iI iY lI GajiiAL OTAiY 
Kqay 1, 1935.                                         H. Clarke 
Morphology and Anatomy of Lygodium .iaponicum. 
The Sporangium. 
1. Development from a single marginal cell, appearing in 
acropetal succession. 
2. A monangial sorus. 
3. Terminal annulus. 
1. Germinationl of the spore forms a protlallium at first 
unsymmetrical, older prot.llia are syrmmetrical, 
2. Sex organs resemble L;ios of ot~her leptosporangiate ferns. 
The Young Sporophyte. 
1. Juvenile leves. 
2. Intermediabe leaves. 
The Leaf. 
1. Adult leaves characterized by indeterminate growth, and by 
2. Arrested growing points associated with the lcaflets. 
3. Fertile and sterilu piniac. 
L-  Stem. 
1. An exarch protostele. 
2. Protoxylem does not have spiral or annular elements. 
3. Tracheids are long, havc scalariform thickenings, and may 
be irregular in shape. 
4. Small amount of phloem present. 
The Root. 
1. Xylem of root is diarch. 
2. Storage roots are present as branchies from the adventitious 
roots. The storage roots have vevy small stele. 
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