Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-5 : Research Areas and Projects

0ORO     &NSI ZElS FOR * 
(Uased on banding and OasintiOn of about20liescmn) 
Sharp-shi        #3 u' f4  deedn     on individual vaiationa 
cooper's                        usually if not always 
.saak              f4  and  probably +7 on s me 
'S      pos e bl# 4 J- 
sparrow Hawks                  som  femalesightt reqire :#4 
pigon Haws           $xetin              not known 
Prairie Pal.oon,  -                be some variation 
Duok Hawk            #6   and  oocasionaly#5will fit very hmall female# 
a    7 is         on very large females 
-5 or    6 dependig on individul variation 
Mtsh Hawk            5usually it not always 
- a                    or #5 d.pending  n inividuals 
Red-tai                        med    and large   e4-tais. rarely very sn

*  U                  sma1 Red-tails 
Amer. Rough-leg       WO~ and  probably #7 on   om 
Redshoulder                    fits s.tu iniuals. 0    may be needed 
AnM immatur~e hawk at the nst jst proceeding the age wlhen it 
1fully fledged has a larger tarsus than when mature. 
.1bSn banding young hawks at the neet put on the largest band 
mise required for the species. if the hawks are so small that there 
is a chance for the band to be pulled off over the foot 4. not band 
as the bnd probably will be lost or eause injury to the birds leg. 
W, S. yoonsy