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be satisfied with a short season, I recommend that the season 
be reduced to five and one-half days. Such action will be in line 
with public opinion in Lincoln county and will tend to emphasize 
the importance of fire prevention. This was the opinion of Mr. 
W. B. Chilson of the Merrill Daily Herald. It  was also his opinion 
that the sportsmen who have recommanded a short season would show 
their appreciation by co-operating in conservation activities in 
the future. 
In order to restore the food supply in the burned area, I 
recommend that the conservation department buy at least $200 worth 
of white clover seed for planting in the burned area. It will grow 
especially well where the soil has been plowed. Plowed furrows 
are especially abundant in the northernpart of the burned area 
where a big increase in grouse willresult as soon as food conditions 
become favorable. 
The conservation department, in any action it may take in 
shortening the grouse season, may state that such action is necessary 
due to the following facts: 
1. About one-half of the grouse cover in Lincoln county has been 
destroyed by fires. This in itself will result in a big drop in 
next year's grouse  Dp. 
2. A long grouse season would increase the fire hazard in the 
unburned areas vhere any additional burning would necessitate 
the complete closing of the grouse seasan in Lincoln county in 
F. J. W. Schmidt 
Sept. 20, 1933 

oat. 1-6, 1932 
Lft Madisn 9030 ltembr 30, arrived at To Colen's 
B   Xsln10: abi -WrUa~et 3 P-!"-leaWther first two 1,1s warm, dry, 
and4 does soft.  lot very little vmrk at of th.  IHext two dys cold 
and clouady with west and north wind. Last 4Vy bririt and cool. 
tm      l                    A large tart of the       n rrion is 
blank. or nerlTy so, but on the rminder birds are          t. The 
blan*, mn, where there io no use to kant at this season. includes: 
1. Larre heavily barn9d areas, or ar a of moil so ponr as to 
m4port only oalk, birch. or pp"Is. (No clover, umplo, 
partridge berr.) 
2. Area~s far from laksres, saps, 6r elever. 
1. Solid heavy bmaken or sest-fern withont clover. 
5. solid JAdk Pn. 
ae heaviest at       rave is that boarin  pole          s 
oetre an aler-frine     sw    or ,a~mshors and A elover-boaring road 
and hlock, cedar, or balsi thidt for shlter in rai, seem to 00 
additional attratins, or associated with something that Is. 
&eotia- Birc leaves had fallen In all dry sites by October 1, but 
maPle, asten, and alder were jixqtbeingtoflbyOoer6                 o 
Oak had tAlen,  Bly far the easiesqt ghootipr is# fl-usitnr alonp a roadside,

or in popple and birch dense enr,.. to fo~rce the birds to clear the tops*