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Tratado breve dos rios de Guiné do Cabo Verde
[Liverpool, England]: Dept. of History, University of Liverpool
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2 v. : maps ; 30 cm.

    1. [Cover] André Álvares de Almada: brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea (c.1594)
    2. [Title page] An interim and makeshift edition of André Álvares de Almada's brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
    3. Contents
    4. Introduction [with maps]
    5. [Translated text]
    6. Prologue
    7. Chapter 1. Which discusses the Jalofo blacks, who are the first (to be met in Guinea) and the nearest to us; and their customs and laws
    8. Chapter 2. Other customs of these Jalofos
    9. Chapter 3. Which discusses the Kingdom of Ale Embiçane (of the) Barbacins, which is next to the Jalofos, and its customs, which are like those (of the Jalofos)
    10. Chapter 4. Which discusses the Kingdom of Borçalo, where Jalofos and Barbacins live; and all else in this district
    11. Chapter 5. Which discusses the Kingdom of Gambia, otherwise called the Kingdom of Cantor, which is the Kingdom of the Mandingas, and of great extent
    12. Chapter 6. Which discusses the other features of the Gambia River
    13. Chapter 7. Which discusses the Arriatas and Falupos, the blacks who live to the south of Cape St. Mary
    14. Chapter 8. Which discusses the Kingdom of Casamansa and its features
    15. Chapter 9. Which discusses the Kingdom of the Buramos, and their trade and customs
    16. Chapter 10. Which discusses the Bijagos and their customs
    17. Chapter 11. Which discusses the Rio Grande, the land of the Beafares, and the customs of the Beafares
    18. Chapter 12. Which discusses everything else in the land of the Beafares
    19. Chapter 13. Which discusses the Kingdoms of the Nalus, Bagas and Cocolins, and their customs
    20. Chapter 14. The Kingdom of the Sapes, which begins at Cape Verga, in 9° 40', and stretches to the Shoals of St. Anne, in 7°; their customs, trade, wars and other matters
    21. Chapter 15. How they create a king in the land of the Sapes, and the ceremonies involved, and how they invest solateguis, who are the noblemen
    22. Chapter 16. Which discusses the Sumbas, called among themselves Manes; how they came, and the wars they made
    23. Chapter 17. Which discusses some wars undertaken by these Manes called Sumbas
    24. Chapter 18. How the Manes wished to conquer the land of the Soussos, who live beyond the Sapes in the interior, and what happened between them
    25. Chapter 19. About the richness of this land
    26. [Cover]
    1. [Cover] André Álvares de Almada: brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea (c.1594)
    2. Notes
    3. [Notes for prologue]
    4. [Notes for chapter 1]
    5. [Notes for chapter 2]
    6. [Notes for chapter 3]
    7. [Notes for chapter 4]
    8. [Notes for chapter 5]
    9. [Notes for chapter 6]
    10. [Bibliography]
    11. [Notes for chapter 13]
    12. [Notes for chapter 14]
    13. [Notes for chapter 15]
    14. [Notes for chapter 16]
    15. [Notes for chapter 17]
    16. [Notes for chapter 18]
    17. [Notes for chapter 19]
    18. Bibliography
    19. Maps and atlases [bibliography]
    20. Appendix to the bibliography
    21. Last words
    22. [Cover]