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  1. [Cover]
  2. Preface and dedication
  3. [Title Page]
  4. Contents
  5. Part I. The Big Horn and Yellowstone expedition: Chapter I. Bound for the plains
  6. Chapter II. The Black Hills fever
  7. Chapter III. The march on the Platte
  8. Chapter IV. On to Fort Fetterman
  9. Chapter V. Marching on Powder River
  10. Chapter VI. Glimpses of the Big Horn Range
  11. Chapter VII. The first fusillade
  12. Chapter VIII. Indians in war paint
  13. Chapter IX. Scout and buffalo hunt
  14. Chapter X. Battle of the Rosebud
  15. Chapter XI. In the shadow of the mountains
  16. Chapter XII. Across the snowy range
  17. Chapter XIII. The Sibley scout.--A close call
  18. Chapter XIV. The Custer massacre
  19. Chapter XV. Merritt's fight on the war bonnet
  20. Chapter XVI. Marching in darkness
  21. Chapter XVII. Crook and Terry meet
  22. Chapter XVIII. Under a deluge
  23. Chapter XIX. Half-rations and horse meat
  24. Chapter XX. Fighting at Slim Buttes.--Awful scenes
  25. Chapter XXI. Marching in the mud
  26. Chapter XXII. Invading the Black Hills
  27. Chapter XXIII. Closing the campaign
  28. Chapter XXIV. Defeat of Dull Knife.--Surrender of Crazy Horse
  29. Part II. The campaign on the British line: Chapter I. Beginning of the '79 expedition
  30. Chapter II. Miles' battle with Chief Joseph
  31. Chapter III. Encamped on the Big Muddy
  32. Chapter IV. Miles arrives at Fort Peck
  33. Chapter V. Sitting Bull's last fight
  34. Chapter VI. On John Bull's frontier
  35. Chapter VII. Face to face with Sitting Bull
  36. Chapter VIII. Hobnobbing with the hostiles
  37. Chapter IX. The French half-breeds.--Balaklava's charge
  38. Chapter X. "In the last ditch"
  39. Addenda: Chapter I. Deserters and dog robbers
  40. Chapter II. "Sandy" Forsyth's famous fight
  41. Chapter III. General Crook's career
  42. Chapter IV. Gen. George A. Custer
  43. Appendix: Echoes from the Little Big Horn
  44. Mutilation of Custer's dead
  45. Miscellaneous. The Sibley scouting party
  46. Official documents
  47. [Cover]