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  • 1797
  • Decoration: Sgraffito. Central panel depicts Ceres holding sickle and wheat sheaves near large plant. Panel frame inscribed "CERES.GODESS.OF.THE.HARVEST." Mirror-image motifs composed of bird perched on flowering plant flank central panel. Leafy-vine-bordered, heart-shaped panel (under handle) inscribed "The Potter Fashoned [sic] me complete/As plainly doth appear for to supply/The Harvest men with good strong--/English beer drink round my Jolly reapers/and when the work is done weel [sic] have the/other Jugg my Boys and Sing a Merry/song./Made [obliterated] in Bideford By Tho[s] Ba[f?]t/for MR:PARKER/1797." Neck border composed of band with flowering leafy vine above band of triangular leaf motifs.
  • Place of origin: Bideford, North Devon

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Description of Original
Slipware, H.: 11 5/8" (29.5 cm); Diam. (body): 9 3/8" (23.8 cm); Diam. (with handle): 10 1/8" (25.7 cm)
Beverage wares
Location of Original
Longridge Collection : S85
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