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Visual display of the The Ensign

The Ensign

  • ca. 1892
Cincinnati and New York: The Strobridge Lithographic Company
  • Color litho depicting confrontation between flag-wearing US Navy and British militia. “Written by Wm Haworth” at top right. Caption below reads “We Ain’t Got No Manners, But We Fight Like H--l.”
  • Haworth was influenced by William Gillette's dual career as actor and playwright, and followed him after completing a respectable career onstage. As well, Haworth's career as a naval cadet helped him bring an unprecedented level of realism to the Civil War tale (the production featured six "real Navy men"). It opened at Haverly's 14th St. Theatre in December 1892 and had a respectable run, becoming the play by which Haworth would be known for the rest of his life. The play was revived often, reportedly with D. W. Griffith once taking the part of Lincoln in a Chicago production and using sections of the part verbatim in "Birth of Nation." Also associated with the Grand Opera House, New York.

Publication Details

ca. 1892
Cincinnati and New York: The Strobridge Lithographic Company
Description of Original
Color lithograph, 33 cm by 45.7 cm
Local identifier
WHS Image ID 89876
Location of Original
Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Researchs : 2.x.0002
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