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Visual display of the NG060, Figured Relief

NG060, Figured Relief

  • ca. 0100 - ca. 0299
  • Fragment of a relief bordered on the bottom by a plain fillet. Portions of two panels remain separated by an empanelled column. The panel on the right shows a standing monk, with hands folded approaching a vihāra. The vihāra sits on a podium with a base and cornice defined. The body is made of a double door and walls that appear as a series of jambs. A cornice separates the body from the first roof which is somewhat squat and four sided covered by grass (?). Then an intermediate cylindrical body supports the upper roof (dome) also apparently covered in grass. The remains of a finial can be seen at the top of the building. The other panel is quite fragmentary with only the feet on one figure and lower legs of another.
  • Location found: Surface

Publication Details

ca. 0100 - ca. 0299
Description of Original
Greenish Stone, 7 3/4" x 12" x 2 1/2"
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