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History Collection

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Errata
  4. Table of contents
  5. List of illustrations
  6. Letter / Eaton, John
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter I. Public libraries a hundred years ago / Scudder, Horace E.
  9. Chapter II. School and asylum libraries
  10. Chapter III. College libraries
  11. Chapter IV. Theological libraries in the United States / Sumner, John S.
  12. Chapter V. Law libraries / Griswold, Stephen B.
  13. Chapter VI. Medical libraries in the United States / Billings, J. S.
  14. Chapter VII. Scientific libraries in the United States / Gill, Theodore
  15. Chapter VIII. Libraries in prisons and reformatories
  16. Chapter IX. Professorships of books and reading / Perkins, F. B.; Mathews, William
  17. Chapter X. Libraries of the general government
  18. Chapter XI. Copyright, distribution, exchanges and duties
  19. Chapter XII. State and territorial libraries / Homes, Henry A.
  20. Chapter XIII. Historical societies in the United States / Homes, Henry A.; Fletcher, W. I.
  21. Chapter XIV. Young men's mercantile libraries / Perkins, F. B.
  22. Chapter XV. Young men's Christian associations / Brainerd, Cephas
  23. Chapter XVI. Free libraries / Quincy, J. P.
  24. Chapter XVII. Public libraries in manufacturing communities / Fletcher, W. I.
  25. Chapter XVIII. Public libraries and the young / Fletcher, W. I.
  26. Chapter XIX. How to make town libraries successful / Perkins, F. B.
  27. Chapter XX. Reading in popular libraries / Winsor, Justin
  28. Chapter XXI. Art museums and their connection with public libraries / Frieze, H. S.
  29. Chapter XXII. Free town libraries
  30. Chapter XXIII. Free reading rooms / Todd, W. C.
  31. Chapter XXIV. Library buildings / Winsor, Justin
  32. Chapter XXV. The organization and management of public libraries / Poole, William F.
  33. Chapter XXVI. College library administration / Robinson, Otis H.
  34. Chapter XXVII. Library catalogues / Cutter, C. A.
  35. Chapter XXVIII. Catalogues and cataloguing / Dewey, Melvil, et al.
  36. Chapter XXIX. On indexing periodical and miscellaneous literature / Robinson, Otis H.
  37. Chapter XXX. Binding and preservation / Spoffard, A. R.
  38. Chapter XXXI. Periodical literature and society publications / Spoffard, A. R.
  39. Chapter XXXII. Works of reference for libraries / Spoffard, A. R.
  40. Chapter XXXIII. Library memoranda / Winsor, Justin
  41. Chapter XXXIV. Titles of books / Robinson, Otis H.
  42. Chapter XXXV. Book indexes / Perkins, F. B.
  43. Chapter XXXVI. Library bibliography / Spoffard, A. R.
  44. Chapter XXXVII. Library reports and statistics
  45. Chapter XXXVIII. Public libraries of ten principal cities
  46. Chapter XXXIX. General statistics of all public libraries in the United States
  47. Index
  48. [Cover]