Where extremes meet : rereading Brecht and Beckett

  • 2002
[Madison, Wisconsin]: International Brecht Society; Distribution, University of Wisconsin Press
  • Includes bibliographical references.

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Other title
Begegnung der Extreme : Brecht und Beckett : eine Re-interpretation
[Madison, Wisconsin]: International Brecht Society; Distribution, University of Wisconsin Press
English, German
Brecht yearbook ; 27
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x, 232 pages : illustrations, facsimiles ; 23 cm
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  1. [Cover]
  2. Begnung [Begegnung] der Extreme: Brecht und Beckett: Eine Re-interpretation: Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 27
  3. [Contents]
  4. [Editorial]
  5. [Introduction]
  6. Saying yes and saying no: Schopenhauer and Nietzsche as educators
  7. Brecht and Beckett in the theater I
  8. Among the deepening shades: the Beckettian moment(um) and the Brechtian arrest
  9. Discussion of Herbert Blau's "Among the deepening shades"
  10. Through the lens of Heiner Müller: Brecht and Beckett--three points of plausible convergence for the future
  11. Brecht and Beckett in the theater II
  12. Time and time again: playing Brecht and Beckett's real time in the digital age
  13. Feminst theater and the Brechtian tradition: a retrospect and a prospect
  14. Book reviews: Spartakus: Simbologia della rivolta
  15. Schräge Töne. Jazz und Unterhaltungsmusik in der Kultur der Weimarer Republik; The Soviet proletarian music movement
  16. Das Lehrstück Bertolt Brechts: Untersuchungen zur Theorie und Praxis einer zweckbestimmten Musik am Beispiel von Paul Hindemith, Kurt Weill, und Hanns Eisler
  17. Brecht's poetry of political exile
  18. Brecht und seine Komponisten
  19. Space and time in epic theater: the Brechtian legacy; Play is play: theatrical illusion in Chinese Wall by Frisch and other "epic" plays by Brecht, Wilder, Hazelton, and Li
  20. "Erinnern ist Leben": Eine Dramatische Autobiographie
  21. Shakespeare, Brecht, and the intercultural sign
  22. The theater of Tony Kushner: living past hope
  23. Books received
  24. [Cover]