Visual display of the Cincinnati (Packet, 1924-1932)

Cincinnati (Packet, 1924-1932)

  • August 29, 1924
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet
  • BUILT: Hull built by Midland Barge Company, Midland, Pennsylvania and completed at Cincinnati, 1924
  • BECAME: The excursion boat, President, 1932
  • OWNERS: 1924: John W. Hubbard, Pittsburgh; 1932: Streckfus Steamers, Incorporated, St. Louis
  • OFFICERS & CREW: 1928: Homer Johnston (engineer)
  • RIVERS: Ohio River; Mississippi River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 1033; This boat had a double cabin, parlor rooms, baths, separate dining room, steam heat and all the trimmings. She was designed by marine architect Tom Dunbar as a single-cabin packet for the Cincinnati-Louisville trade. Before completion, the stateroom capacity was vastly enlarged by the building of a second passenger cabin. The original cost of this boat was $417,000 of which she made back about $200,000 in the first eight years of operation. The boat was owned by John W. Hubbard, Pittsburgh and operated by the Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Company. She made Cincinnati-New Orleans Mardi Gras trips without a break from 1924-1930 and cleared $40,000 on her first Mardi Gras trip. She was in Pittsburgh on several occasions, and brought the 31st annual convention of the Ohio Valley Improvement Association there in October, 1925. She appeared for the 1929 celebration of the completion of the Ohio River locks and dams. Her principal business was regular summer operation in the Louisville-Cincinnati packet trade. On May 24, 1928 while between Carrollton and Madison, she collided with the mv. Belfont and engineer Homer Johnston was killed. Hard times came with the Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Company having financial troubles. The Cincinnati was sold to Streckfus Steamers, Incorporated, St. Louis. They tore her down to the hull and built a superstructure for an excursion boat named President
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo of the Cincinnati taken on August 29, 1924 by Alene Stottlebower
  • Cincinnati (B)


Stottlebower, Alene
  • August 29, 1924
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  • Neg. 37905
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