Visual display of the Posset pot

Posset pot

  • 1670-1695
  • Decoration: Painted. Chinese figures in landscapes with rocks, plants, and fences. Borders on body composed of horizontal lines and, on foot, scrollwork band and band of ovals and wavy lines; lid borders composed of concentric circles and band of dots. Handles bear horizontal slashes bordered by dots. Spout bears lengthwise slashes.
  • Place of origin: Probably London

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Description of Original
Delftware, H.: 10 1/2" (26.7 cm); Diam. (with lid): 6 7/8" (17.4 cm); Diam. (with spout): 7 5/8" (19.4 cm); Diam. (with handles): 11 1/2" (29.2 cm)
Beverage wares
Location of Original
Longridge Collection : D278
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