Visual display of the J. R. Nugent (Towboat, 1934?-1948)

J. R. Nugent (Towboat, 1934?-1948)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Towboat
  • BUILT: Paducah, Kentucky, 1931, as the Phillips
  • FORMERLY: Phillips
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Beached at Louisville in spring of 1948 and later dismantled
  • OWNERS: Nugent Sand Company, Louisville, Kentucky, in the mid-1930s
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Captain Charlie Knight (master); Captain Oscar Walker (master); George Wilkes (chief engineer)
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Ohio River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - T1293; Had the engines from the Lee H. Brooks; renamed when sold to Nugent Sand Company. She shoved the towboat Transporter ashore in December 1938, when that boat caught fire near Six Mile Island. The J. R. Nugent was beached at Louisville and lost her upper works in rising waters, spring of 1948
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Scene of the Paducah Boat Yard, with sternwheel towboat J. R. Nugent on the left, both boats on the ways
  • J. R. Nugent (A)


Local identifier
  • Neg. 20358
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