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Oral history with George Kinnard, Henry Jeanquart, Donald Kinnard, and others, in two parts

  • August 18, 1976
University of Wisconsin System
  • Full audio file.
  • Tape 1, Side 1, Part 1 - Introduction. [never recorded] Tape 1, Side 1, Part 2 - Present barn (refer to map) (middle section of log barn) was not always there, moved from across the road at the next 40. It was transported by horses with the aid of professional mover Matt Alabb (sp.?). An older barn had been torn down before the 1940s. Actually just the end section was moved, including the thresh floor. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 3 - The granary was O.K. when they purchased the farm; it was built as a frame building instead of log because logs would make the grain spoil. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 4 - Logs were obtained on a Brussels hill about 1/4 mile away. Usually they cut in winter because there was more time and the sap was frozen. They could cut all the logs in a couple days, even with just crosscut saws. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 5 - They also used pit saws for making boards, but this was very time consuming. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 6 - Shelter building was built for shading pigs. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 7 - Milking was sometimes done right out in the front yard, or in the shade of a shed. Kept milk cans cold with water. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 8 - Water pump location and windmill. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 9 - The house basement had an earthen floor. The foundation was alls tone, from those picked out of the fields. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 10 - There was never a smoke house, the family never did any fishing. Use of smoke houses. They salted their pork instead of smoking it. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 11 - Butchering of hogs was done in the long barn. For the actual butchering, they used heated water to aid in pulling the skins off. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 12 - Every part was used from the hogs, intestines were filled for trippe. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 13 - There was an apple orchard out front of the house, where the garden is today. The pig pasture has always been ot the southeast. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 14 - Nature of line fence between 40s, deer browsing: problems with trampling in grain when they bedded, but generally hardly noticeable. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 15 - Entryway to house was present when Kinnards moved in, but they did build the cellar entrance enclosure. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 16 - Chickens were kept on the south end of the pig pen, which was all windows. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 17 - Kinnards never made beer on their farm. The beer making process: barley, drying, grinding, etc. The barley would grow atop stone piles, some is even still there today. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 18 - Kinnards built the silo, by a contractor in 1953. Only used it for corn once. They had no silo before that, so couldn't store any corn. Need a bigger one today, 16 X 45' costs around $8500, 20 X 65' is $60,000. Shed for the silo cost $3,700. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 19 - Cows were not always pastured in the same place. Used to have small, ten-acre plots so they could make it home for dinner. It is harder to turn a tractor around today than the smaller rig horses pulled, so now fields are longer. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 20 - The rotation period is about three years: peas, wheat, oats, barley, or skip oats, and then rye. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 21 - History of different landowners: (across the road) Delwiche, Wautier, Jaden, Ven. Tape 1, Side 1, Part 22 - End. Tape 1, Side 2, Part 1 - House wehre Grandpa was living before the present house was built. He was eighty years old when he died. Tape 1, Side 2, Part 2 - Abstract to the property is no longer at the house. Tape 1, Side 2, Part 3 - End.
  • Material owned by University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. No reproduction without permission from the Special Collections Department Cofrin Library, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay WI 54311

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Green, Linda
Krueger, Leigh
Kinnard, George
Jeanquart, Henry
Kinnard, Donald
August 18, 1976
University of Wisconsin System
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