Visual display of the NG181, Decorated Finial

NG181, Decorated Finial

  • ca. 100-ca. 299
  • Decorated finial. Part of votive objects or stūpa(?). Vertical elongated cylindrical object, richly decorated with parallel protruding elements (from the bottom): row of protruding points, row of saw-teeth, followed by a plain cylindrical part, at the center: protruding disk, a row of protruding points and a second protruding disk, followed by another cylindrical flat part; at the top: a protruding surmounted by a reverse cone, decorated with seven(?) applied rosettes, and culminating with flat-topped point. It is broken and reconstructed from two fragments. Broken and reconstructed from two fragments. The artifact is chipped. Discrete. (From the photographers notes: Has a hole at center about one inch wide; it is hollow at center but not at the top; walls are almost 1/2 inch thick.)
  • Location found: Level 2, Stūpa 9 N, Floor
  • Identification and Description by Dr. Luca M. Olivieri, IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Pakistan

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ca. 100-ca. 299
Description of Original
Terracotta, 15" (height) x 12 1/2" (diameter at widest point)
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