Visual display of the The marrow of alchemy : being an experimental treatise, discovering the secret and most hidden mystery of the philosophers elixer : divided into two parts, the first containing four books chiefly illustrating the theory, the other containing three books, elucidating the practique of the art : in which, the art is so plainly disclosed as never any before did for the benefit of young practitioners, and the convincing those who are in errours laby.inth [Part I]

Oreve manadalloriar ad Campum Sophie,
which concerns chiefly Peacelrw liquor
,d1chahbei, in which he clearly, plainly,
and fully fhews the differcnce between it
and the Mercury of the Philofophers: And
rafly, a Treatife called Elenchu errorum
in Arte Chemicd deviatium, which indeed
is fo plain, fo full, and fo convincing a
Book, that more cannot be defired: By
thefe and the fore-mentioned Books, 1loon
Attained the myfery of the Mercury, and
by it the firft Whiteneff, and hope ere
long to feethe R dneffein which the Au-
thour would not infirut me, being by
Solemn Vow obliged to the contrary, nei-
ther to effe6t it himfelf, nor teach others
for fuch a number of years, on wh'ch
Condition he received that from a Ma-
fier, which (having the Mercury) he
might elfe have received from God by in-
dutry; At laft I had liberty of him to
communicate thee Manufcripts widh fome
Friends, whom I heartily piced, to fee in
what a flate they were uhey-were through
the mifleading of divers Sophiflicll Au-
thours and Receipts, who coveting the


phix,  Copies, did fo wearily entreat me, that
tiquor from the time I firft began to communi-
ainly, cate them, I could never keep them at
een it home ; whereupon partly, andpartly by
And theearneft perfwafion of fuch who wanted
rorum  viriades threed in the Labyrinth of Al
Ideed chemy, butchiefly aiming at the glory o
:ing a God in it, I did by much entreaty at lat
: By prevailwith my Friend, from whom I hac
[loon them (ifI would ) to make them publikc
and that others ( whom God hath eledled tc
e ere fo great a mercy) may reap the fruit by
Au- them that I cannot but with much thank-
ig by fulneffe to God acknowledge my felf to
, nei have received, who have at leaft feen an
>thers ocular demonfration of the truth in my
biThch own work (although I have not yet perfea-
Ma ed the maftery) which will recompence my
) h pains, travell, and charge in fearch, as the
)yin  firft doth fatisfie my minde and judgement;
M 4o For verily my work did not exceed the ver-
(bm tue ofone upon a6. which advifing with my
fee in Friend I had a fatisfa6tory Reafon, namely,
that the white being not the utmoft period,
Au. the work inthe fire will move beyond it, and
gthe it is not eafieto difcern (but by long and oft
:ople              A 4           expe-