Visual display of the The marrow of alchemy : being an experimental treatise, discovering the secret and most hidden mystery of the philosophers elixer : divided into two parts, the first containing four books chiefly illustrating the theory, the other containing three books, elucidating the practique of the art : in which, the art is so plainly disclosed as never any before did for the benefit of young practitioners, and the convincing those who are in errours laby.inth [Part I]

The Introduction.
The Frfl Book.
idi.           Al4a I here invoke thee to my aid,
enti           To leade inlofty ftrains my Ruffick
Nymphs of the Mufes, let it now be
.                faid,           d
That to your Lovers you repay goodwill,
Affift me jointly Phabu swith thy rates,
Appear now as thou did in ermes daes.
2 Thou alfo who by hidden Centrall heat,
i*   Doff in the Earth metalline bodies bake
By long decoion, Thou who haft thy Seat
In Kingdomes three, do thou likewife awake:
Gentle Minerva, do not now difdairn
To me thy fecret workings to explain.
3 There is a fubftance Homgeneall
nm. Which objed lies untodtevgar view
Whence are produced bodies minerall,
For it of them is th'only matter true;
he    This fubltance altred is by long dgeftion,
To fundry kindes which differ in perfe&ion
4 Likewife