Visual display of the The marrow of alchemy : being an experimental treatise, discovering the secret and most hidden mystery of the philosophers elixer : divided into two parts, the first containing four books chiefly illustrating the theory, the other containing three books, elucidating the practique of the art : in which, the art is so plainly disclosed as never any before did for the benefit of young practitioners, and the convincing those who are in errours laby.inth [Part I]

8z Therefore a matter duly fitted, then
According unto nature well difpos'd,
And govern'd rightly, doth from fecrerden
A contrail fire flir up, which beinglos'd,
Urceffantly its cask doth never ceafe,
Unleffe fome errour9arecotiipleafe.
83 And thus no doubt I have made to appear
That Alchemy is not a feigned Art
But reali, which its grounds hath firm, that bear
Thettfelves on Nature, of which but a patt
Ihave produe,and chofe more generall,
1I due place other Reafons finde you fhall
The End of the Firfj Bok3


He Noble Art of fecret Alchemi
We undertaken have to vindk
fe.  And have defi'd the flouteft enemy
With reafon it for to calumniate,
ear     Andfor this caufe we have by
To prove its poffibility our foh resien
t bear
2 Its witneffes almoft innumerale
Of fuch who Artifts were, and not a few,
Who to attain the skill were never able,
Have by the eye convinc't been that its tru,
And not as forne rafh cenfors it efteem,
Who groundlefly it for a fancy deem.
3 And for that Argument doth moft convince,
Which from experience for proof is brough,
I by the fame this truth can well evince
Unto my felf, for it is vot bare thought,
But witneffe of the eye doth meengag.
Which to deny is nothing elfe then rage.
4 An Artift once I faid, I knew him well,
And oft and long with him I did converfe,
He in this skill did many men excell,
Of whom I from my knowledge can rehearfe,
That he had both Elixer white and red,
So much aswoldireTaic