Visual display of the Dakota (Packet/Towboat, 1872-1879?)

Dakota (Packet/Towboat, 1872-1879?)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet/Towboat
  • BUILT: 1872 at Breckinridge, Minnesota
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Burned and lost 2 miles below Fort Pembina, North Dakota on the Missouri River, August 9, 1879
  • OWNERS: Hudson Bay Company; Red River Transportation Company
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Jerry Webber or Weber (master, circa 1880); S.T. Painter (master, circa 1875-75); Charles DeMers (pilot, 1874); John Kent (pilot, 1874); William Griggs (pilot, 1875); John A. Kent (pilot, 1875); Fred A. Bill (clerk); Chris Cook (mate, drowned 1876)
  • RIVERS: Red River of the North
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 1429; T0559; Inspected as a towboat at Galena, Illinois in 1872. Listed as a passenger vessel 1874. Documented at Galena, Illinois in 1876. Some sources list the date of her burning as 1881
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The Dakota with a barge alongside her
  • Dakota (A)


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  • Neg. 33148
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