JICARILLA.-Basketry of this tribe of Indians is very orna-
mental and can be used in numbers of ways, from the small work-
basket to the strong scrap-basket for office use. The colors are
brilliant reds, greens and purples and are typically Indian. Prices for
scrap-baskets according to height, from $5 to $25. Baskets, suitable
for work or scrap-baskets, from $2.50 to $5.
HOPI BASKETRY (Commonly termed Moqui)
This interesting tribe of Indians make their home in the northern
part of Arizona, on the Mesas or Buttes that rise abruptly from the
arid deserts. Their basketry is noted for its brilliancy of coloring
and symbolism. Their ceremonial baskets make fine ornaments for
Indian corners and are much sought after. Of the two tribes the
Mishongonovi is the more attractive, and prices consequently rule
higher. These placques range in price from $2.50 to $4 each, accord-
ing to design, coloring and size.
Oraibe placques, or ceremonial baskets, are equally interesting
and contain a variety of designs. The Katchina being particularly in-
teresting. We have a variety of these placques from $3 to $6.
The accompanying illustration gives an idea of some of these de-
signs. These tribes make some baskets which are very much sought
after, and we have a few in stock at prices ranging from $2 to $10.
POMO.-Of the California baskets that of the Pomo is the most
interesting, and to the collector the most valuable. We have a fine
line of these baskets from $5 to $250. The noted feathered baskets
of the Lake County Pomos can be seen here in variety.
TULARES OR YOKUT.-No basket collection is complete with
out one or more Tulares. From the symmetrical bottle-neck to the
beautifully decorated boat, these baskets are growing rarer each year,
and we have but a limited supply at from $20 to $200. We have
some rare weaves and particularly fine designs.