An Educator Who Educates
THE honorable distinction of being the first wom-
an appointed to an office by President Roose-
velt belongs to Miss Estelle Reel of Wyoming,
who was named as superintendent of Indian
schools. Miss Reel is now the national super-
intendent of Indian schools for the United States
and travels constantly over the length and breadth of the
land, visiting schools and organizing and establishing inno-
vations in the line of manual training on the various reserva-
tions. Miss Reel is young and enthusiastic and has force
enough for several women, but no more than she needs in
her work of inspiring the red man to better living and a
greater degree of industry. She traveled 24,C00 miles last
year-more than half of the distance by stage coach.
"My work is simply the extension of the work already
done in the government schools and shops," she said in
speaking of her experiences among the Indians. "It requires
the utmost persuasive power and plenty of devising and
original thinking to do the work laid out for me. The fact
that I have accomplished something in the West is apparent
in comparing the life of Indians who live within a night's
ride of Chicago with that of some who live in Oregon.
The former are in as barbarous a condition as they were
when America was discovered.  Much of my work is far
from being technical education. The girls must be taught
the rudiments of homemaking and the boys the trades, so
that they can take their places in civilization. When I find
a school excelling I carry its work around to show to some
other school, and in that way inspire all to good work."
Miss Reel's success is a strong argument in favor of her
sex occupying the high places in the ranks of education.
Too much credit cannot be given Miss Reel. It has been
her life work and her success has been well merited. She
reaches out into the home life and prepares that for the re-
ception of the child so that there may be no great disappoint-
ing gulf between the school and home. Would that there
were more Miss Reels.
A Pseudo big chief of the Sioux
Sued hard for the hand of sweet Sue;
He carried the day,
And the marriage, they say,
Of Sue and the Sioux will ensue.
-Smart Set.