HOOPA.-This interesting tribe of Indians produces, probably,
more basketry than any of their California brethren. The dainty
squaw cap, with its beautiful decorations of maiden-hair fern stalk
and soft browns, makes an ideal work-basket, while their larger acorn
baskets are decorative and their uses are many outside of the col-
lector's field. Prices on these are quite reasonable, from $1.50
to $7.
KLAMATH.-We have a small stock of these baskets from the
tribe of Indians ranging along the Klamath River. This basketry ap-
proaches that of the Hoopas in design and general shape, prices from
$2 to $6, being nearly all small sizes.
SHASTA.-We have some few of these baskets which make very
fine scrap baskets, and without which no collection is complete.
Prices range from $5 to $30.
MISSION BASKETS.-We have a very limited supply including
a few of the old Saboba from the Cahuilla tribe in Southern California
near the San Jacinto Mountains. Prices can be had on application.
SHOSHONES.-Of these we have a very limited supply. Prices
from $6 to $15. Very few of these baskets are made, consequently
are much sought after.
SHAVE HEAD.-We have a very fine assortment of these useful
baskets from $1.50 to $15.00 each. Like the Hoopa their usefulness
is unquestioned and the designs unique and beautiful.
We have some few Alaskan baskets, including Yakutas, Sitkas,
Juneaus and Attu or Aleutian Island of modern makes, and some few
old weaves, on which we will be pleased to quote prices with a fuller
description. Prices for good baskets range from $7 to $40, according
to size, design and weave.