Wampum, or Indian money, has always had its place in romance,
and nearly every Indian collector desires to have one or more speci-
mans of this first coin of the realm. But very little is known among
Eastern collectors regarding the wampum from the West and South
west, used in trading in New Mexico and Arizona. We have a supply
of these articles in the shape of necklaces, one to seven strands in
each profusely pricked off with turquoise, "reminders" as they are
called by the Indians. These not only make handsome necklaces for
Indian costumes, but have their place in every collection. Prices
range from $2 to $50 per necklace, according to number of strands
and ornamentation of turquoise.
It is almost impossible to give any idea of the varied shapes
of the basketry of this interesting tribe of Indians, whose reser-
vation is in the central and eastern part of Arizona, near Phoenix.
Their basketry is of great strength, of the natural colors, black and
white, and make exceedingly fine work and scrap baskets. Their food
trays are highly ornamental in Indian corners. Prices from $1.00 to
$25, according to size, shape and weave. We have a fine line of these
baskets and can send on approval.
The Apache basket is quite similar to the Pima, the materials
being the same, although the work is of finer quality. The scarcity of
these baskets makes the demand good and prices rule high, from $2 to
$150.00, according to style, size and weave. We have a varied assort-
ment of these and would be pleased to quote figures and send designs
on approval.
MESCALERO APACHE BASKETRY.-We have an assortment
of the New Mexico Apache baskets, which are very decorative, being
made from the natural colors of Yuca Palm. Their soft green and
brown, blending harmoniously, make an artistic corner decoration.
Prices range from $6 to $10, according to size, shape and design.