Visual display of the The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal


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                                            PRINTIE) BPy VIRTUE AND CO..
                                                    CIT' ROAD.



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                          brought to a close: we trust and believe to the
satisfaction of our Subscribers and
                   Q \SM2the Public, and that we shall be considered as having
fully redeemed our pledge,
                        "to produce a Work of great interest and value,
that may be accepted as a volume of
                     (  suggestions, a teacher from the lessons of many master-minds,
and an enduring reward
                < ./  .to those who labour for renown as well as for the
ordinary recompense that is expected
                     to accompany desert."
                          Our purpose was to represent, as far as possible,
every leading Manufacturer of the
                      several Nations of the World.  We have, to a great
extent, succeeded.  The Volume
            - 'I  contains examples of- works by the principal Art-fabricants
of France, Russia, Austria,
                 Prussia, Spain, Italy and the Roman States, Denmark, Norway
and Sweden, Belgium, Egypt,
                 Switzerland, Saxony, the States of Germany, the United States
of America, and the British
                 Islands; a large preponderance being necessarily and rightly
given to those of France.
             It may be desirable to repeat that no Producer incurred any
cost incident to the publicity thus
    ,t, accorded him. The Public was alone looked to for recompense to the
Publishers; and a large amount of
encouraging support-not alone in Great Britain, but on the Continent and
in America-has attended their efforts
to achieve excellence in every department of the Work.
    In no country except England could such a publication have been justified
by a prospect of commercial
success; and-although this Catalogue has been issued in other countries,
and in other languages-no work at all
commensurate with the magnitude, importance, and rare Art-value of the Exhibition
has been elsewhere produced.
    A task has been accomplished that demanded a large amount of persevering
industry: the Editor trusts he
may, in its completed form, submit this Volume to the world-assured of its
being accepted as creditable to the
parties concerned in its proluction.