confined you will see by a former letter they are the family that we came
here with.  This summer has been rather warmer than it was last summer but
I have not had to work near so hard this summer as I did last the heat has
been no apression to me Mr Alyphant has a scotchman for gardener this year
he brough him from New York in the mont of Aprile so their is a good many
scotch of us here now we was sorry to hear teh Andrew Mercer & Fallow
was lost coming to American their has been a great many losses at sea this
year their was a STeam boat burnt on Lake Erie about a fortnight gao and
one hundred and seventy lives lost Burtnt and drowned she was within eight
miles of the shore when she caught fire.  They say the fire from the shore
and another steam boat set out to her assistance when they came up to her
she was all in one blaze of fire they picked up thirty of the passingers
and crew that they found floating upong the water wround the burning wreck
thirty was all that was saved out of two hundred their was about forty Duch
Families that had just come over and was ont heir way to Illinois to settle
theri they all perished their was painters in the baot and they set some
turpintine bottes and stuff of that kind too near the boiler and the heat
caused it ti explode and the boat was new varnished so that the fire rune
over it as quick as gun powder.  Send us work if you have got your eye sight
again as well as you had before.  WE was sorry to hear that Mr. Robertsons
has been so unfortunate send us work how they are doing.  We could cannot
find Mr. Bogie by the address that you sent the name of the town must be
mentioned JOhn I expect you willwrite us part of the next letter send us
all the particulars all the ups and downs that has taken place among folkd
that we was aquanted with and the marriages send us word how them that went
to St. doing I would like to know what they say about it sent
william symington and his friends are doing I have never wrote to them yet
will know more about them than we do altho you are farther fromt hem Good
nigth John come come Margaret what are you goin to say to them it is past
ten oclock it is time that we was in our beds Dear sister it is with great
pleasure that I sit down to write to you altho I am far from you I often
remember you altho we be far from our own friends we find friends in a foreign
land I feel quite at home now but if it be the lords will I hope we will
all meet again I expect Marry that you will be as good as your work you said
that you would come to america if ever I had any children you and Isabells
brown thought it wold be of no use in coming to America you would not get
any sowing to do but you may come along now as quick as you like you will
get it all for me you may tell Betty fallow that she came verry near wtih
her calculations she was only fifteen months of the tiem my baby wears nothing
on his head it is not customary to wear any muches on babes here.  The weather
is so warm they are far healthyer without them my boy never has a utch on
but when we go a visiting we have called him John for Jennys father and his
uncle  I believe it was good for us that we was so verry sick when we