i could have had work from farmers but I preferd working at the
 Canal because they have work at the canal all winter we work about twelve
hours a day but not so hard as I used to do in the old country fruit is very
plenty here we can have as many apples as we like to pull they are grwoign
all over the fields so I think between cheap flour and apples we need not
want a dumpling if we have our health to eat it their is four places of worship
in the village prysbeterian Episcopalian methodist & Baptists there is
sermon in them all three times every Sabbath and in some of the every night
in the week but the ministers is no great hands they hire them by the year
here and if htye are not pleased with them they turn them off at the years
end and gets another we have been tweice at the prysbeterian church the minister
is very sober preacher he read it all and we cannot hear one half of what
her says but hey condsider at first rate hand here there is no amt meal here
they grow oats for the stores only the price of oats is generally 1S 3D per
Bushel the price of potatoes is one shilling per bushel just now they all
eat potatoes to breakfast here and fired pork they bake all their own bread
their is no bakers shops here they generally take tea or coffie three times
a day and buthcer meat at every meal the women here are good for nother but
baking and eating sweet....out of their heads before they be twenty years
of age the men carrys in all the water kindls the firein the morning and
clears the wifes shoes before they go to work even servant maids does not
clean their masters shoes the riches of farmers and shop keepers in the ocunty
clean their own shoes they are verry fond of scotch girls for servants when
they can get them Margaret got ten or twelve offers to hire betwen New York
and this place when we was coming up the coutnry Margaret likes american
verry well she says she will not come back to Scotland again but she expects
to see you all in America yet if we be all spared write to us as soon as
you receive this letter for we are verry curious to hear form you let us
know all the ups and downs that has taken place since we left I forgot to
put in the price of Tobacco & Margaret has make me put it here to let
Marry know how cheap it is it is 1S per pound give our best respects to all
enquring aquaintances I ad no more at present but remains your affectionate
James Douglas