Been by your going away to a foreign land and you among all your friends
altho I am far from you I .. always remember you I have been sowing and their
is never a time that I left my seam but I remember your words I will ahve
to come to america and mend your old cloths I would like if youwould send
us word how little margaret is in teh next letter giver our kind Compliments
to all andrew browns family tell easy that that plainest dress that is made
here is a Dollar give our best respects to Betty Bennet and tell her that
I think whiles I hear her birring on her wheel at twelve oclock at night
giver our...respects to Mr angus I wish her much gay giver our best respects
to Thomas and Jean Anderson and we swish them much Joy I ad no more but Mary
I hope to see you here yet smoking cheap tobacoo on your black short pipe
Dear Marry I am happy to hear that John and you and the children are all
well John their is one great inducement for you to come to america there
is no porrage here Marry and I bake all our own bread the samea s the bakers
do in selkirk and I make all my own soad out of the ashes of the wood that
we burn I bid you all adue at this time I hope youll all remember us ltho
our face no more you see an intrest in your prayers we crave that we may
meet beyond the grave I ad no more but remains your affectionate sister

Mount MOrris June
Douglas th7-1840
 Friends I take this opportunity of writting to you to let you know that
we are well at present hopping this will find you the same thanks be unto
God for it we set sail from Liverpool the 16th Aprile and arrived at New
york the 15th of May the shop Garrick that we had our passage taken in sailed
two days before us and we got ashore at New york the same day that her passingers
were put ashore they had the small pox in her and one Death we had no trouble
in our ship but sea sickness Margaret and me were both sick about 16 days
we could eat nothing put potatoes we could neither take tea nore coffie but
what grieved us worst of all we had to give away the butter...neys and hoggies
after we had kept them as long as we could for spoiling the water was that
bad that we could not drink it I believe Margaret said fity times that she
would give all that she had for a Drink of Jean Hendersons milk their was
two hundred and eighty passingers on board their was one hundred and sixty
irish all the others were Scotch & English & Welch we had a minister
of the united session on board a Mr Skinner from Glasgow we had sermon two
sabbaths the weather was stormy the other sabbath that we could not stand
on deck we had some rough weather but no storms ther was one night that their
was thirty six feet broke off one of the masts it would be about 18 inches
in diamater where it was broke through their was some of teh passingers thought
that they were going to the bottom that night they sat up all night reading
and singing psalms but the sailors said their was no danger they wanted eight
sailors of the number that they should have and