passage all the way from Annan to within a mile of mount morris 
and we will be verry happy to see you all    it takes L8 for each
f ull grown passanger to bring them out here but L8 will do it 
verry well but before you come I will write you how to conduct
 yourselves on the way it requires people to keep a sharp look out
 that is coming to America their is a ....of vagabonds both at Liverpool
and New York that makes it their whole business to impose upon emigrants
if you don't keep a sharp look out they will pick the verry eyes out of your
head we thought Liverpool was bad but we found New York ten times worse their
is a good many people that has been here but a shor t tiem that has done
verry well and I see others that has been in that has  been in america for
five and six years and has nothing but vrinning about from one place to another
if they were poor when they came they keepp themselves poor it is a bad place
for people that is given a Drink ardent spirits is so cheap Whiskey is 7
per quart Gin Kurn and Brandy is 9 per bottle according to my estimation
this is a far better place for a working man than Holland if a man is steady
and industrious he will get a comfortable living here and somet hign over
and that is what he cannot get in scotland we have never heard of anything
of William Symmgton and his friends sice we left them at New York you may
tell William Douglas that I did not see any of his friends.  Let us know
in you letter if their has any letter come from Robt Chishom we have not
heard any thing of his since we left him at albany we have a verry comfortable
house we intend to remain in it all winter we once thought of removing a
short distance where we could keep a cow but we thought it was a two far
advanced in the season we will remain where we are till the spring we are
verry well situated for neighours every one is kinder than another and they
are all yankes their is only two scotch families in thei neighbourhood besides
us Marry be sure and take good care of Margrets likeness and bring it along
with you when you come it will be a happy sight for us if we be spared to
see you all here it lies all in him ho is the creater and preserver of our
lives if we meet all again but though the deep between us rolls friendship
shall invite our souls and in fancys wide domain oft shall we all meet again.
 Be so good as return a letter as soon as you receive this for we will be
ever anxious to hear rom you_______Dear Father I was verrry sorry to hear
the you was so much put about that morning that we came away but when it
came to the test I found that it would have been impssible for me to have
parted with you any other way but I hope that we are not parted for teh last
time yet but I have had no reason to regret parting with you yet for I am
verry happy and comfortable and more so since we received your letter and
heard that you was all well giver our kind respects to my Aunt Nanny and
my uncle and tell her that I wish her to write a letter to us or else to
write part of your letter father I expect youwill write the next letter full
Dear sister I am happy to hear that you have got over our parting in a great may easly think what my feelings might have