MOunt Morris August th 22 1841
Friends I take this opportunity of writting to you to let you know that we
received your letter on teh 18th of June and was verry happy to hear that
you was all well wehn it left you I am happy to inform you that we are all
well at present thansk to unto god for ti and we hope this letter will find
you allthe same when it reaches you we was verry sorry to hear the Johnand
James WAlker had been vissiled with so sad ans aore bereavements sensible
of the benificent hand from which such visitations come we ought always to
bow our head in patient submission and acnoledge the hand of the Lord in
all his doings because his merciful visitationsthouh not joyous but grevious
yield the peacable fruits of righteousness unto them that are exercised theirby.
 We have got a young son on the 12th of July he is a fine thiriving little
fellow Margaret was not long in being stout after she was confined Mrs Byers
the old lady of the family that came here with us was sick nurse they would
not let us get any body else she came and styed with us one week and she
came back and forward another wekk every day to see how we was getting on.
 I am engaged with Mr Alyphant for a year fromt he first of May 1841.  tot
he first of may 1842.  We have had a verry dry summer their has been scarcly
a shower to wet the ground since the month of may but it has been confined
to this place twenty miles from here they have had rain regular all round
their is a good crop of what in the country but the potatoes and indian corn
is but a poar crop the drouth has burnt them up markets appear to be considerablly
higher this eyar flour is a dollar and a half per barrel higher just now
that it was all last year.  Wages is not so good this summerr for day labourers
this has been a verry flourishing place for two or three years back and people
has flocked to it from all quarters until they have made it not so good for
working people it was better for me that I happened to be engaged Labourers
wages is about one pund per week.  British at this place their is anther
two scotch families to this place they came out this spring they come from
the neighbourhood of Annan they appear to regret leaving home they havenot
found things as they expected they could not get work it was the greatest
tyrant in this place that employed them and they have left him and are idle
for want of employment just now so they feel greatly discouraged they could
get work on the Canal but they have always been accustomed to work upon a
farm and farming is different here from what it is in Scotland it requries
a person to be a year or two here before they be up at their ways of working
Mr Romes fmaily has moved a little farther waway from us they have taken
a larger farm it is about am ile and a half from us but we see them always
on sundays when they come to church they arethe only fold that we have kept
up any corespondence with we have always live verry friendly since we came
here it was Mrs. Romes mother that waited on Margaret when she was