John I was happy to hear that you and your family was all well 
and that you had got another son let it be our constant aim to 
bring them up in the fear of god for on the habits established in
 youth greatly depends their after life write soon or come and 
bring the news yourself I shall be verry happy to see you you 
have about enough of sons now for America daughters is an
 unprofitable stock here but sons is the reverse I ad no more your 

Affectionatly James Douglas

Dear sister 
I am happy to hear that you are well and your little 
boy it gives my great pleasure to hear that you have gone back to 
our old dwelling many a happy day we have all spent in it and
 many a good example we have had set before us and may we not 
forget in our old age what was set before us in our youth.   give
 my respects to Jean Henderson and let me know when they had word from America
let us know when you had word from my uncles folks 
in america and send us their Direction give my Compliments to Mrs
 Tetip and send me word how they are all give our respects to aunt
 Nanny I was happy to hear of Margarets marrriage and that they
 were all well  give my respects to Jean Mitchellhill and let me 
know how many children she has got.   Dear Marry I am happy to 
hear that you and your family are all well health is one of the 
greatest blessings that we can enjoy we ought to be preserved
 among our little ones altho we are far from one another I still
 remember my old friends and aquaintances I have given up all 
thoughts of ever seeing my nation and again I feel quite at home 
here now the country and every thing in it is quite familiar to 
me now  I have no desire for any thing but the society of my friends Dear
Isabella I was sorry to hear of the death of your 
worthy father nothing has struct me more since I left home than 
hearing of his death  I felt so sorry for your Mother to hear that she was
bereaved of her worthy companion but the lord 
knoweth what is best  I hope you will be a great comfort to your 
mother you have always been beside her   give my compliments to
 Jessie  I am greatly indebted to her for so many send letters as 
she has wrote to me since I came to America   I had the pleasure of hearing
from Hellen Emond the first   Selkirk body that I have
 heard from in america she is married to an Englishman the name of
 Jackson and she has a young Jackson   I ad no more but remains
Affectionatly till Death   J & M Douglas